What are 'points' and how do they work?

'Points' are a means by which this system can track a value for exchanges which take place without cash.

While it is expected that you will pay cash to members for goods and services you would normally pay cash for, recognising value in other exchanges or donations of time or goods is a way of increasing our economic capacity and activity even further.

Our capacity to increasingly undertake activities for the transfer of points will determine the extent of our internal resilience and reducing reliance on the 'other' main game (economic system) in play.

To read more about alternative currencies and Community Exchange Systems read more here.

What is the value of a 'point'?  It is easiest to equate it with an hour - an hour of your time on an activity in support of someone else, or an hour of your paid time which would enable you to buy something of the cash value being exchanged.

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